Your Technological Success is Our Mission.

We solve complex business problems using our robust methodologies and approach that help in building scalable, secure and highly reliable web application in cloud.

Agile Frameworks

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews.

Technology Strategy

Ideate and use best technology architecture and solution to ensure timely delivery of Projects that are scalable, secure and fast

Workplace Diversity

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment.


Build websites that has a responsive design, attractive and faster for modern day needs

Why work with us?

More than a decade experience in building highly engaging Websites, complex and robust web applications, Android and iOS applications for various clients

Quick Turnaround

Approach business problems using robust and proven NeoHigh Approach that helps in rapid Design, Development, Testing and Deployment thereby reducing the overall turnaround time

Constant Communication

Collaborate with various stake holders through out the life cycle of product development to ensure customer Objectives are met


NeoHigh Technologies Solution Approach ensures development of applications that meets the highest standards in application development


project image

Built a robust Job website that is currently serving over 25 Million users. Website ranks very high in Google because of our robust SEO approach, responsive design and quicker load times.
Built an app using latest frameworks in Android.

Built an Android Application to manage booking of trucks by end consumers for their various needs. Application enables easy management of Fleet by the Fleet owners. Real time tracking of orders, fleet location tracking , capacity utilziation tracking helps fleet owners have access to real time data and metrics of their fleets. Built end to end using NeoHigh Approach and design.

project image

project image

MelonBots is a chat bot application that is offered as a SAAS product to multiple clients. This bot enables users to interact with website and search for the content they need from the website. This software product engages effectively with users thereby increasing time on site and increases the sale of products or services for websites.

ECommerce website to manage hotel room booking, room inventory management and billing for the hotel. Application is integration with other online hotel booking websites like etc

project image

project image

This website caters to Indian regional language audience and has over 5 Million+ users. This website is highly popular among Hindi auidence because of its easy to use design and rapid load times.
Android App for RojgarLive has the latest Materialistic design that has over 1 Million+ Downloads

This parenting website is built using the latest frameworks in PHP that makes the website secure, attractive and fast.

project image

project image

This website helps job applicants and is built using latest frameworks

Leading coupons and deals website built using latest HTML5 styles that is adaptive and super fast

project image

project image

Revamped the website and rebuilt using latest frameworks and technologies. Website has been designed to be mobile friendly, fast, secure and scalable

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